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Faster Big Data Insights

Orzota is a Big Data and IoT solutions company focused on accelerating the delivery of new business insights. Orzota's deep expertise in Big Data, Data Science and IoT Technologies coupled with managed services reduces the complexity of applications for the data driven company in the connected world.


IoT Insights

Orzota Predictive IoT Insights offers real-time, historical and predictive analytics capabilities for sensor data, providing deep insights into operations.

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Document Insights

The Orzota Document Insights (Docu-AI) Solution extracts insights from
scanned documents
(image files, PDFs)

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Customer Knowledge Solution

Many online businesses today track and analyze data from web page visits and clicks. However, there is a wealth of other unstructured data from customer service calls, surveys, social media, emails, etc.

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What our customers say about us

Puneet Pandit,
Co-founder and CEO, Glassbeam, Inc.
We are very pleased with Orzota’s work. They were quick in picking up on our requirements and understanding our architecture. They fully engaged and completed the project on time, providing valuable advice along the process. I am impressed with the Orzota team’s professionalism and skills and would definitely hire them again if the need arose.
Shan C.,
Tech Startup
Orzota designed and implemented our entire set of real-time and batch analytics applications for our new startup. Knowing that we could rely on them, saved us a ton of time allowing us to focus on our online application. We are very impressed with their professionalism and the skills of their team.
Nimish Mehta,
CEO, LumenData
We were faced with a technically challenging requirement to integrate an entirely new type of streaming data source into our eCommerce based predictive applications. In addition, we had to understand the client’s business requirements and map those to technical outcomes so we could show value. Orzota helped immensely on both fronts because they have unparalleled technical skills and also great business acumen. The team was very responsive and super easy to work with. I look forward to many years of collaboration with them.


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