Big Data as a Service

Orzota, Inc., a Big Data solutions company, today, announces the availability of the Orzota Big Data Management Platform for beta users.

The platform offers Big Data as a Service on AWS and is targeted at companies that are getting started on Hadoop. By automating many of the tasks necessary for a Hadoop project from data ingestion to creating workflows and reports, the Orzota platform can significantly reduce the time to develop and launch Hadoop applications.

“In my experience, it can take at least 4-6 months to get started on Hadoop. I expect the Orzota Big Data Management Platform to save at least four months of that time” said Bharath Mundlapudi, President and CTO of Orzota.

“Eat your own dog food” is a standard mantra for technology companies. Orzota uses its platform to deliver Big Data solutions for its customers. When enterprises start on a new project, the first ask is always for a Proof-of-Concept (PoC). The enterprise wants to see how it can gain better insights or better integrate data that was previously not being used. A “Big Data as a Service” offering such as the Orzota platform can make quick work of a PoC, allowing the developer to focus on solving the business problem, rather than Hadoop plumbing.

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