Towards Big Data Solutions

by Shanti Subramanyam for Blog
Towards Big Data Solutions

Last week, we announced the acquisition of big data solutions provider, the Houston based company, Avarida. It has been a lot of work (and a lot of fun) doing the integration and figuring out our combined strategy as we move into 2016.

Many people have asked what the synergies between Orzota and Avarida are and how will our strategy and offerings change. As mentioned in the Press Release, Avarida’s focus on building big data solutions to solve customer problems is a great complement to Orzota’s technology-focused expertise. Integrating some of these solutions wit the Orzota Big Data Management Platform will provide our customers with end-to-end big data solutions.

Secondly, the Avarida team brings great enterprise-class experience on all fronts. Founder and CEO, Naren Gokul has tons of experience working in and with large enterprises. His sales and solutions engineering team nicely complement our own.

Finally, Avarida’s locations in Houston and Chicago eases our access to customers in the Center and East Coast. We are already seeing the benefits of this expanded team’s reach with increased interest from prospective customers.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be launching new solutions and offerings, so please watch this space!

Orzota Acquires Avarida to Accelerate Big Data Solutions
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