IOT, Flink Meetups

by Ilias Farfouris for Blog
IOT, Flink Meetups

It’s an exciting time for the Orzota team. During February we will hold some interesting conversations with the local business community in Chicago. chicago-skyline

Orzota’s Founder and CTO, Bharath Mundlapudi and our Director of Sales Ilias Farfouris will be presenting and hosting 2 events. The topics are Big Data in IoT and Modern Data architecture using Flink and Hadoop.

Chicago and the midwest are communities that are taking huge strides in Technology within the Big Data domain. Orzota’s mission and past use case expertise makes a dynamic contributor for these groups to share best practices.

During February 15th we will be a part of the IoT business community in Chicago. Please find the info and join us for a great evening of technological conversation that fuse Big Data and IoT. Here’s the link https://www.meetup.com/Internet-of-Things-IoT-Chicago/events/228330908/

During February 16th we will be a part of the Chicago Apache Flink community. This is a technology that is growing and the group is starting efforts in New York and internationally. Our mission as a big data company is to contribute with new and exciting upcoming technologies. We’re excited to illustrate our domain and fuse it with the new kid on the block Flink. Here’s the link https://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Apache-Flink-Meetup/events/228225429/

Come join us during these fun sessions and interact with peers in Big Data and IoT community. Special thanks to the organizers of the IoT Chicago and Flink Chicago community and thank you for having us!

See you there!

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