Big Data Managed Services

Orzota Big Data Managed Services go well beyond traditional managed services. Managed Services have traditionally allowed a business to offload IT operations to a service provider. The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within a business. The services primarily focus on keeping the lights on, ensuring software versions are up to date, backups are taken, etc.

Orzota Big Data Managed Services are offered in multiple, flexible configurations to help meet a variety of customer requirements.

Hadoop Managed Services

The Big Data Managed Services Packages provide active monitoring, maintenance and updates of your Hortonworks Hadoop distribution (HDP), whether on-prem or cloud (AWS and Azure) environments.

Standard Hadoop support Package

Specific features of the Standard Package include:

  • Configuration of various Hadoop services such as HDFS, Hive, Spark, Flume, Storm, Ranger, Knox.
  • Monitoring and alerts management of the entire infrastructure and Hadoop stack.
  • Maintenance, updates and patch management.
  • Remote 8×5, email and help desk.
  • Level 1 Support of HDP (Levels 2 and 2 handled by Hortonworks)
Enterprise Hadoop support package

The Enterprise package includes the following additional features:

  • Full, 24×7 remote monitoring and support
  • Optional onsite administrator
  • Dedicated project manager
Orzota BigForce Managed Services

big data managed services
The Orzota BigForce Platform enables the rapid development, deployment and management of Big Data applications. For customers who opt to use Orzota BigForce, the Managed Services Package includes:

  • Orzota BigForce as well as tools and functions to perform data cleansing, transformation, and advanced analytics.
  • Consulting hours to help in the creation of end-to-end custom Big Data applications from data ingestion to predictive analytics to visualization and reporting.
  • Monitoring, tuning, maintaining and ensuring the smooth functioning of your applications in production.
  • Dedicated DevOps hours for bug fixes and enhancements to the applications.

Orzota BigForce Managed Services are also available in Standard and Enterprise packages. If you don’t see a particular service or platform that you require, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to design a custom package.