Orzota all-in-one Big Data Platform

Orzota’s all-in-one Big Data Platform is designed to run ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and analytics applications on Apache Hadoop in the cloud. Using a cloud infrastructure can dramatically lower the time to get a project off the ground. Clusters can be spun up on demand as required lowering operations cost.

The goal of the Orzota all-in-one Big Data Platform is to simplify the creation and management of big data applications by automating many of the tasks required to ingest, transform and analyze data. It provides advanced machine learning algorithms and support for statistical environments such as R and Python. Support for ad-hoc visualizations and reports for business users means an end-to-end ability to handle big data based applications.

Orzota provides the all-in-one Big Data Platform as a managed service as well as experienced engineers to accelerate development of custom big data applications. This enables organizations to focus on results without worrying about the complexities and day-to-day tasks required to manage Big Data. Orzota offers flexible support options ranging from eight-hour shifts to complete 24×7 coverage.

The Dashboard

Big data platform

The Orzota dashboard shows relevant metrics about your Hadoop clusters and jobs. Optimize the creation and management of your clusters by viewing their usage patterns.

Alerts and notifications quickly draw your attention to the most important tasks and issues and can be the starting point for debugging problems.

Data Ingestion

data ingestionThe first step in creating the new data architecture is ingesting data from the different silos within the organization. The Orzota  big data management platform easily connects different data sources such as SQL, unstructured logs or real-time feeds to ingest data into the Hadoop cluster. Integrate social media data from twitter as well as third-party tools to harness the power of Hadoop to obtain deep insights. With support for technologies such as Flume, Sqoop, Kafka and an easy to use interface, there is no need for manual, complex setup and editing of configuration parameters.

Job Types

Orzota’s all-in-one Big Data platform supports Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Hive, Pig, Cascading – the standard tools used by most ETL applications. We use Apache Spark for real-time streaming and Python, R and Mahout for machine learning and analytical applications.

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The job management module provides you views on what Big Data jobs have been deployed, scheduled, and monitoring while they are running.


Our managed services offering handles data quality, data transformation and a variety of other complex workflows required for ETL and analytics. Our workflows module let’s you see the workflows we’ve created leveraging our pre-built components.

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The Orzota all-in-one Big Data Platform provides many accelerators to cut down your Big Data application development time.Contact us to schedule a demo.