Consulting Services

Orzota provides a variety of consulting services to help businesses accelerate their big data projects. Our team of skilled data scientists, architects and engineers have created solutions for customers in a wide variety of industries.

Data Services

Every major new technology initiative needs a strategy. Big data is no exception. The subject is hot and adoption is rapid. Although there are countless stories of successes, it is still very important to have an adoption strategy for your organization. We help identify use cases for big data and NoSQL and craft a big data strategy for your business. The strategy is created in close cooperation with key stakeholders in your company to ensure that their needs can be met and are aligned with the overall corporate goals.


With a clear strategy and use cases defined, it is time to create a holistic architecture that will work not just for the initial set of applications but is flexible enough to be expanded easily for new future applications. The Orzota BigForce Platform can dramatically simplify application architecture and implementation. Our senior consultants have years of experience in data architecture and design and have worked with customers to help create their integrated data architecture that encompasses structured and unstructured data, and the many sources of transactional data. We help determine which technologies in the big data stack will work best for your requirements.

Data Warehouse Augmentation
Data Warehouse Augmentation

With proprietary data warehouse licenses often priced based on the amount of data processed and/or appliances deployed on, enterprises are spending large sums to sustain their data warehouses. We have helped customers augment their data warehouses with open source big data platforms such as Apache Hadoop. By intelligently designing an appropriate solution that meets SLAs, we can help reduce cost, improve performance while greatly enhancing analytical capabilities.

Proof of Concept (POC)

Once the architecture and design are accepted, it is best to create a proof of concept (POC) or proof of technology (POT) application. The POC is a prototype application that demonstrates that the technology stack and proposed solution will serve your needs. In this phase typically a small scale version of your application or a particular module is implemented and tested. We will set goals, implement, measure and evaluate the results of the POC. Using our BigForce Platform, POCs can typically be implemented in 1-3 months with no hardware requirement.

Proof of Concept
Analytics Services
Big data managed services: Data Science and Analytics
Data Science and Analytics

Defining an architecture for big data and implementing it to store and retrieve data is just one side of the big data puzzle. Although great benefits can be gained from this, the other side of the coin (and the reason for excitement around big data) is the possibility of gaining deep insights into one’s business using exploratory and predictive analytics. Our team of data scientists has experience with analytical models for problems such as recommendation engines, fraud detection and customer churn prediction. Our secret sauce provides a strategy for solving complex data science problems leading to successful business insights.