customer knowledge

Many online businesses today track and analyze data from web page visits and clicks. However, there is a wealth of other unstructured data from customer service calls, surveys, social media, emails, etc. that is either handled manually or not at all. Myriads of tools help improve marketing campaigns and drive users to your site; once they are there, how can you ensure that the users will convert? If they do convert, how can you improve customer life time value (LTV)? Predictive analytics can help solve these problems.

Businesses that take advantage of Big Data, machine learning and predictive analytics are more successful at gaining a full customer view, improving their service, achieving operational efficiency and increasing customer retention. They drive more effective marketing campaigns, targeted promotions, pricing, personalization and recommendations resulting in more conversions and sales.

Orzota’s Customer Knowledge Solution builds a complete customer profile by integrating multiple sources of internal and external data as shown in the diagram below. Easy to use dashboards provide aggregated metrics, customer segmentation and allow drill-down to individual customer metrics.


The real power of the solution comes from the customized predictive analytics modules that provide real-time analytics. Advanced predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms integrate with your existing data sources, be it home-grown or commercial to provide custom metrics and alerts to help improve your business.

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