Document Insights


Stop paper from slowing down your business with Orzota’s DocuAI solution! Our Big Data, technology-led solution converts scanned documents into automated document insights. The goal of Orzota DocuAI is to help your business minimize manual handling, reduce errors, improve workflow, and ultimately save money.

Many businesses deal will documents that are delivered via fax, snail mail, scans taken via cell phones, etc. These varied types of documents are then put into a file store and because of their disorganized nature, they are processed manually. Someone manually re-enters the information from these documents into some kind of application or database. Or worse, they survive in raw form throughout the document processing workflow.


With DocuAI, a scanned document is processed just once; the document is OCRed and all relevant information is extracted, the document is automatically classified, and stored in a big data system. DocuAI uses AI, ML and NLP techniques to continuously learn and improve the classification and extraction process to provide document insights. As accuracy improves, it minimizes the need for any manual intervention to validate extracted content.

Upstream applications can access the data using web services or the data can be exported to other databases.

Orzota DocuAI Architecture

The Orzota DocuAI Solution uses Big Data technologies to process a large number of documents (image files, PDFs, etc.) automatically providing instant search, document insights and analysis capabilities. A cognitive engine provides an easy to use interface for the mobile user; using NLP to search and return the data requested. A full functional big data search facility provides powerful regular expression search for the desktop user as well.

Document Insights Architecture

The resulting data is stored in a big data system and is instantly searchable. The key information (e.g. form fields like name, company, address, etc.) is saved in structured form for easy retrieval and further processing by upstream applications.

An analytics layer provides an easy-to-use interface and powerful insights about the documents being extracted.

Orzota DocuAI Advantages

The Orzota DocuAI Solution provides many advantages over traditional tools and methods of processing documents:

  • Process large number of documents in parallel, in near real-time
  • Auto classify documents using AI Techniques
  • Automate translation of document content into structured tables
  • Search for almost anything in the processed documents
  • Allow for sophisticated business analytics and insights
  • Cognitive (AI) Engine provides a natural language interface to search for documents

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