IoT Insights

Orzota Predictive IoT Insights

Orzota Predictive IoT Insights is software that can be integrated into any IoT cloud platform and offers real-time, historical and predictive analytics capabilities of all of your sensors. Coupled with Big Data technology, highly customizable dashboards, and real-time predictions, it provides deep insights into your Things – whether they are robots, heavy equipment, vehicle fleets or HVAC systems.

IoT is one of the leading sources of Big Data. An organization with tens of thousands of devices, can easily generated petabytes of data within months. Ingesting, processing and managing this data requires a robust, scalable, platform. The ability to analyze this data quickly is key in providing  analysts the insights they need in an efficient manner.

IoT Predictive Insights

Here are the key features of Orzota Predictive IoT Insights:

Data Acquisition

Automated data acquisition from any IoT cloud platform including metadata about “Things” and alarms, historical  sensor data as well as ongoing ingestion of all data in real-time from sensors. Data Ingestion can be customized to suit your analysis needs.

Historical Analysis

Use historical analytics to analyze aggregated data across all your devices, slice and dice the data and drill-down to gain new insights into the operations of systems being monitored. All analysis is customizable by the analyst or end-user to provide a deep understanding of your devices and how they may affect performance of your operations or business.

Data Visualization

Visualize data in real time for all connected devices. For historical data, build customized charts, reports and dashboards based on your needs. All charts and dashboards are easy to create by analysts and can be embedded into existing web applications.

Predictive Maintenance

Identify warning signals and use advanced predictive analytics to prevent unscheduled down times, reducing expensive corrective or preventative maintenance.