Orzota BigForce SNAP

BigForce SNAP is an easy to use, fast big data warehouse technology that is built on top of Spark. It is extremely light-weight and requires far less hardware resources than competing solutions, while leveraging investments in current BI products. It supports full star schemas and OLAP operations that business analysts are familiar with.

The Challenge: Big Data Warehouse

Although Hadoop was invented primarily to analyze large amounts of data, the truth of the matter is that the types of technologies (MapReduce, Hive, Pig) in the Hadoop ecosystem are not amenable for ad-hoc analytics. Even with the many “almost” full-featured SQL tools and the advent of Spark, big data systems are not well suited to data warehousing. Query performance tends to degrade when there are too many dimensions in a distributed environment.

If you are a business analyst who need to analyze data in many dimensions with the ability to do drill-downs, slice and dice, etc. that traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools offered, the big data tools thus far have been a disappointment.

The Solution: Orzota BigForce SNAP

Enter Orzota BigForce SNAP – A Big data warehouse solution specifically created for business analysts that lets you use your favorite tools, be it BI products such as Business Objects or Tableau. BigForce SNAP exposes a full Star Schema in Spark SQL which can be customized to look identical to the current schema in your relational Data Warehouse. This allows you to use your existing dashboards, reports and schemas as is; dramatically speeding up big data adoption and getting rid of the necessity to migrate data from Hadoop to a relational data warehouse or data marts.

BigForce SNAP: A Big Data Warehouse

Key Features of BigForce SNAP

  • Full featured big data warehouse built on Spark with no new custom stack to adopt.
  • OLAP Cubes on HDFS, DSEFS or S3. BigForce SNAP works on any Spark distribution and is also integrated with DataStax Enterprise (DSE). The OLAP indexes can be created on distributed file systems like HDFS, DSEFS or on AWS S3.
  • Full Star Schema access using Spark SQL. No new interface or tool to learn. Use your existing BI and visualization tools.
  • Very low footprint – leverage existing Spark or DataStax Enterprise infrastructure.


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