Sentiment Analysis and Insights from Social Data

Process and capture value from noisy Social Media posts using Orzota’s BigForce Social – our solution for processing social media data into sentiments and insight. BigForce Social allows you to bring in large volumes of social data from Twitter, Facebook, Bulletin Boards, product review sites etc; enrich the data and make them searchable very rapidly. Sentiment analysis of your brand, products, and competition is just a click away.

The Problem

Social data sets are gaining importance as an important way to listen to customers. In addition to the popular social media channels, several enthusiast bulletin boards,and product review sites, allow customers to voice concerns and share experiences in a safe environment. Customers are increasingly using these digital channels to talk about products and services that they have used. Although this can be a boon for companies providing free word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising, a bad experience can also cause negative comments to spread quickly. Thus it has become essential for consumer-focused businesses to track, analyze and respond to their customers’ reactions on internet channels.

Mining social channels have additional advantages. Often, new insights emerge that are not available from traditional datasets such as phone or email service records. However, this dataset is often hard to extract and processing it can be challenging: they are noisy, with many duplicates (retweets, shares, re-posts etc.), platform-specific lingo, jargon and abbreviations that make it hard to derive intent.

The Solution

The Orzota BigForce Social solution is designed and built on Orzota BigForce – the big data management platform that provides end-to-end accelerators from data ingestion to analytics. Although we recommend using the Cloud for sentiment analysis of social media signals (since the data being gathered itself resides on various Cloud Platforms), BigForce Social is also available for install on your on-prem Hadoop environment.

sentiment analysis

Social Sentiment Analysis

The Orzota BigForce Social solution covers all aspects from data acquisition, processing, indexing and enrichment. It is configurable and customizable, to meet individual business requirements. The solution includes:

• Configurable data acquisition from a variety of data sources including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others
• Built-in, automatic de-duplication, data filtering and processing
• Integrated search and natural language processing (NLP)
• Pre-built dashboards with exploratory analytics, word clouds, popularity and sentiment scores

This architecture has delivered great performance and excellent time-to-value for mining social datasets, allowing for sentiment analysis, competitive analysis and new insights directly from your customers.

Using the Orzota BigForce Social solution, whether as a fully managed service or integrated into your environment can provide new awareness about your business, including:

• Gaining customer feedback on existing products/categories
• Understanding service issues and improving brand image
• Validating market needs for new product offerings

Orzota BigForce Solutions

If you have a data lake or big data warehouse, Orzota can help accelerate the process of acquiring, processing and integrating social datasets into your current architecture. If you don’t have a big data environment, we can help you rapidly build one on the cloud using Orzota BigForce. For more information about this or other products and services, contact us at