managing big data


It’s no secret that analyzing data is a key initiative for all businesses. Some say we have been doing it for years. Yes, that’s true but new Big Data methodologies give us the opportunity to be more effective and discover new sources of revenue. Today, we have the capability to use technology at a very low cost that allows us to do more, understand more, reach out to more consumers while having a unified idea of what they are looking for.

 big data managementWe can shape and mold everything that we do base on data from research to marketing and everything in between. Think about it – if you know you’re shooting only 18% from 3 point range why would you keep shooting 3 pointers?

Big Data comes with two major idiosyncrasies: complexity because of the open source frameworks and not enough talent available. Don’t let open source scare you – it actually means savings! Lack of talent is also easy to overcome using big data management.

Here are some benefits of managing big data:

  • Taking out the cost  If you’re not a large, tech-savvy enterprise like Facebook or other giants, chances are you’re struggling with this decision. First is the technology part – including data engineering, hardware, and technology solutions. Then is the part of going and finding the right people (not the one overseeing everything, but the actual crew). Let’s take a closer look. Here are some of the roles required to build your first big data solution: software engineer, data engineer, data scientist, QA & release engineers, data architect, devops,… have you had enough?
  • Taking out the complexity  Big Data gives us the opportunity to select the tools and tailor them to the exact use cases of what we’re looking to implement, all in an economic fashion. Open source frameworks come with a learning curve but also provide great value. How can one exploit the advantages while minimizing the complexity?  Big data management is the answer. Coupled with experienced services offerings that can help build out your solution, you can enjoy the benefits of deep data insights in a matter of weeks at a fraction of the cost.
  • Show me the money To be competitive, every enterprise today must exploit their data with advanced analytics. There is also a need for a sidekick. Lastly, speed and agility are important. Big Data Management will give you that edge to get the scale of a super enterprise while not breaking the bank.

In conclusion, I was inspired by articles on the complexity of Big Data and also from articles on talent for Big Data. These are major issues that can simply be avoided by looking for a Big Data Management option.  This approach allows for analytics on large amounts of data, with the possibility of providing new sources of revenue. It’s not about the size of data; what matters is to solve your problems fast and economically.