Surveys, research and retailers’ own measurements show that personalization works. According to Internet Retailer, 80% of consumers say they like it when brands’ e-mails recommend products based on their previous purchases.

personalizing the customer experience
Personalization Statistics

Personalization for Retail is Hard

The incessant media attention on the personalization and customer intelligence of companies such as Amazon and Google hides the fact that 80% of marketers fail at personalization. Knowing who each consumer is, what his or her likes and dislikes are is a major challenge. There are two major problems: data collection and data integration.

For retailers, the challenge is even more significant. It is not just about omnichannel integration across devices, but integrating online and retail store traffic and purchases as well. For instance, how can you know if a user’s purchase in the store is the result of an email marketing campaign?  How can you even tell if a user was driven by the campaign to the store if she does not make a purchase?

Additionally, understanding what metrics are important, how to define and measure them, let alone how to make them actionable are all difficult problems that many retailers grapple with. Traditional analytics fail to provide the necessary data, metrics and insights needed.

A Plethora of Solutions

There are dozens of tools and solutions that solve certain parts of the problem. Some are focused on conversion metrics, others at marketing campaigns, still others at building a 360-degree view of a customer (or so they claim). Some address e-commerce only, others tackle omnichannel traffic. Some target beacon solutions in retail stores, others claim to provide predictions on which users will buy and how much they will spend.

It is easy to get lost in the hype and marketing statements and lose track on what is the real problem to be solved. At Orzota, our focus is always the customer and their pain points. Our hybrid approach to customized solutions expertly managed aims to provide exactly what the customer wants – no more, no less.

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