Internships don’t always involve slaving around, getting coffee, or doing lowly tasks for your boss. In fact, my experience at Orzota didn’t involve any of that. During the summer months of July & August, I helped with Orzota’s digital marketing focusing on social media, specifically Twitter marketing. This post captures a small glimpse of that journey.



It is often believed that if anything consequential is happening in business or society, it has to be trending on Twitter. My main goal was to increase Orzota’s twitter marketing footprint during the summer and more specifically increase the amount of followers and engagement on Orzotas’s Twitter profile. My job was to find the optimal methods to accomplish this goal with influencers that matter to Orzota.

Getting Started with Twitter

As I was not extremely familiar with Twitter and its tools before this experience, I was forced to use the good old trial-and-error method. I started out by following as many relevant people as I could find in the big data Twitter community using the appropriate hashtags. While I got a few follow-backs, it was definitely not the most efficient way to do things and I quickly became aware of that.

When I finally gained the confidence a couple of days later to begin tweeting independently, I sent out my first tweet and BAM! I immediately gained four new followers. I was genuinely astounded at how much engagement one tweet received. I made it an objective to tweet around five times a day and ended up lining several of them up so they would be scheduled for the most effective time slots.

Twitter marketing is more of an art than science. One hindrance was the fact that the Twitter caption had to sell the message in 140 characters or less. A captivating sentence followed by a link to an article or picture is the most effective tweet. All I can say is that the art of that comes with practice; from what I observed, including appealing words that may cause the reader to feel a certain emotion—whether it be shock, excitement, or worry—is essential to hook the reader.

Engaging Twitter Followers

As I went through this process daily, I made sure to record the metrics of the previous day so I could keep track of my progress. I was able to acquire quite a bit of knowledge about widespread topics such as the internet of things (IoT), cloud, data science, and obviously big data. I was gaining many followers a day through tweeting regularly, however I quickly encountered another issue; several people would not follow back, assuming that the Orzota Twitter handle was a bot. I eventually realized that it was necessary to engage with my followers. So, as I was advised, I began replying to people, favoriting tweets, and retweeting articles I enjoyed. Although this didn’t make a significant impact, it definitely got more people to follow me. As for the types of articles people seemed to like more, I noticed that most people enjoyed articles that had an impact on their personal lives. The more they related to it, the more engagement the tweet got.

Twitter Tools

Here is a list of the top four free resources (in no particular order) I found to be particularly useful:

TweetDeck—this tool allows a clear view of all activity happening on your account so nothing gets missed; it is also great for managing multiple accounts at once

Twitter Analytics—this is a feature embedded in Twitter itself; it records your activity on Twitter while keeping track of all the exact numbers (in terms of impressions, new followers, and top tweets); permits one to see how their numbers have progressed over the months

WhoUnfollowedMe?—this catches any followers who are only temporary and decide to unfollow later on

Crowdfire—this is just a general tool for social media growth; it includes a variety of features including automating direct messaging, accounting for all new followers and unfollowers, and searching for potentially interested followers

Twitter Marketing

What exactly is twitter marketing anyway? Besides just gaining more Twitter followers how does it benefit the actual company, its product, or brand? Well for one, when people hear about a company and come across its Twitter page, they look at the frequency of the tweets and the amount of followers to determine its credibility. Another benefit is that some of these followers are prospective customers. Thus, segmenting and categorizing followers and sending them targeted and personalized direct messages based on their preferences may help spark an interest in the company’s product(s).


All in all, this was an extremely meaningful experience for me as well as my employer, enabling Orzota to gain over 200 new twitter followers since my internship began. I had fun with words, unleashing my inner creativity and hitherto unknown marketing capability. I gained a new insight on how to directly market not only a product, but also a company brand as a whole, was able to figure out the best way to maneuver through Twitter, and thanks to Orzota, I also became acquainted with today’s hottest technology topics.