The technologies that Orzota focuses on are primarily around Big Data. The term Big Data is much maligned and can sometimes be confusing. It is used to refer not just to data but also to an entire suite of technologies and tools used to store, process, manage and analyze data using massively scalable methods. This means that as more data becomes available, more compute and storage can be applied in an almost linear way to process the data.

Primary Hadoop TechnologiesThe primary technology in the Big Data stack is Hadoop, which today is a software stack usually consumed as a standard distribution from one of several Hadoop vendors. Although originally billed as a technology to process “unstructured” data, most use cases of Hadoop today actually do use structured data – data from various relational databases flow into Hadoop and are integrated to allow for complex analytics that was previously difficult or almost impossible to accomplish.


Spark StackIn the past few years, Spark has become increasingly popular, overtaking Hadoop MapReduce as the framework of choice to develop big data applications in. Spark is fast but also provides a simpler, single interface to process both batch and streaming data.

Big Data Services

At Orzota, our big data technology solutions and services are delivered on the most popular Hadoop platforms. We have designed, developed and managed applications deployed within data centers (“on-prem”) and increasingly in the cloud on AWS or Microsoft Azure.


Cassandra Architecture In contrast to RDBMS, NoSQL databases refer to highly scalable platforms designed for very fast response times, where featres like flexible object models and high availability are more important than “ACID” properties.

Cassandra is one of the primary NoSQL databases providing 100% uptime and multi-region cloud scalability. It performs just as fast on writes as it does on reads to the database. Its biggest advantage is SQL-like support using its query language, CQL. This makes it easier for business analysts and application developers to get started using it.

DataStax provides an enterprise version of Cassandra that is production certified, tested and supported ensuring backwards compatibility as well as several key features like advanced analytics and multi-model support.

Cassandra Services

Orzota is a certified DataStax training partner with Cassandra-certified solution architects and developers that can help design and build your Cassandra applications.